The moment a customer flicks on their digital screen, PFS is there. The site they peruse through to find just the right gift for mom, the page they trust payment information with, the branded package they open when it’s delivered to their doorstep. Every touchpoint of the customer journey is thoughtfully constructed by us, designed with the shopper in mind. From creating eCommerce sites to picking and packing orders, we provide the technology and services needed for retailers and brands to power their online business. Only when our clients’ shoppers have received an outstanding online experience is our mission complete.


Cut from the cloth of an international wholesale distributor, PFS was established in 1994 to provide customer care and logistics services to clients in the budding eCommerce industry. Over time, we developed alongside the industry, bringing in professional services to round out our operations offering. Today, this blend of services makes us the only platform-agnostic Global Commerce Service Provider in the market.


Leading the company with their expertise, knowledge, and hard‑earned tenure, our company executives emphasize the daily opportunity to exceed our clients’ expectations, delivering Commerce Without Compromise.


We envision, create, and support world-class omni-channel commerce solutions that enable the world’s leading brands to nurture customer relationships on a global scale.