Cyber Monday 2013 Results (INFOGRAPHIC)

Following up on our Cyber Monday 2012 results blog post from last year, here is our compilation of Cyber Monday 2013 results. Our infographic features data and facts on total Cyber Monday sales, mobile and tablet sales (including sales by operating system), the influence of social media on Cyber Monday, what U.S. cities participated in Cyber Monday the most, and general overall web trends around Cyber Monday.


Cyber Monday 2013 results Infographic


The growth on Cyber Monday was unprecedented – several reputable analytics sources listed in the infographic saw double-digit percentage sales growth and a new term, “Cyber Five” (the days from and including Thanksgiving Day to Cyber Monday), emerged due to the strong sales in this date range.

In short, Cyber Monday 2013 met or surpassed the expectations of many industry experts and research firms. Whether it was because of the cold weather, the short holiday season (six fewer days than 2012), or just because online shopping is becoming more popular, it’s becoming difficult to ignore the continual growth of Cyber Monday. Since its official inception in 2006, Cyber Monday sales have increased every single year and there has only been one holiday season (2009) where the year-over-year growth was not 15% or higher. With all of the excitement around Cyber Monday 2013 it will be interesting to see the total growth figures at the end of the holiday season!

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